5 Companies That Are Telling Amazing Employee Stories Today

The power of story in a business context.


What's inside the ebook?

Employee stories make internal communications more impactful. Whether the point of a communication is to improve employee engagement, communicate change, gain buy-in, or increase awareness, employee stories help make an emotional impact on the readers – and the result is more empathy and connection with the subject of the story.

Here are 5 great examples of the power of story in a business context. They’ll inspire you and give you ideas for better storytelling in your own internal communications. Enjoy!

Here's what you'll learn...

  1. The core values of people-oriented companies and brands, and how they're put to good use.
  2. How one of the greatest innovators used its people to become the technology giant it is today.
  3. How to write your own employee stories and showcase your staff's talents and achievements.

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