How to Avoid the Communication Barriers of Chat and Text

The Dangers of Miscommunication and Best Practices for Communicating Clearly Over Chat and Text.


What's Inside the Ebook?

Our teams are often scattered, with some (or all) employees working remotely. We also have the communication technology to keep people collaborating even when they’re in different countries.

Digital communication is part of our everyday business landscape, with chat and text messaging keeping everyone connected on the fly.

One side effect of this communication transformation, however, is miscommunication.

There are five main reasons those digital-text miscommunications are happening in your business today – and you can do something about it. Read on to find out how to avoid the communication barriers of chat and text.

Here's What You'll Learn...

  1. 5 reasons why text messaging and chat can be barriers of communication in your organization.
  2. How cultural awareness training can help you avoid costly communication barriers and miscommunications.
  3. How to avoid communication barriers and miscommunications over chat and text.

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