How to Manage Your Intranet

Why growing businesses need to eliminate "one throat to choke" mentality.


What's inside the ebook?

As businesses grow, it makes sense to have a company intranet to streamline communication, enable collaboration and manage day-to-day tasks.

Most small businesses initially leave the management of the intranet to one person. This centralized gatekeeper model works pretty well for intranet governance … for a while.

Read on for expert advice on decentralizing your intranet governance, eliminating those productivity-killing bottlenecks, and empowering your employees to use the intranet to its full potential.

Here's what you'll learn...

  1. Why having "one throat to choke" may be choking intranet usage.
  2. How to decentralize your intranet management for increased productivity.
  3. How to set intranet roles, permissions, guidelines, and training ... while having fun!

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